Riddex Plus

Riddex Plus

Wow, this is a very nice Riddex Plus (by TVProducts4Less.com):

Elemental sulfur. this is like the old timey product that my mother used for us when we were sick. I bought it for use on acne breakout due to menopausal changes. it works well.

Riddex Plus. I have these plugged in but not really sure they work, will give it time

Excellent. esalekathy@yahoo.com was very consider about me receiving my order. She was very cooperative. Would order from this web site again.

Pest repellant. I’m only giving this product four stars because I don’t actually have one. However, I do have a device in my home that is supposed to repel elephants and hippos. It must work because there are no elephants or hippos in my house, and as far as I know there never have been since I started using it. Therefore, I have no reason to doubt the people who have given rave reviews of the product advertised on this page.

Good product. This product really works!
Thanks and thank you for the timely manner it was sent.


  • Sends out electrical pulses to rid pests from your home
  • Takes 2-4 weeks to effectively work in home
  • 110V outlets only
  • For household/residential use only

Riddex Plus turns your home’s wiring into a pest repellent force-field. Simply plug Riddex into any socket and it will send out electrical pulses that’ll rid your home of almost any pest. Perfect for: Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, and Insects Includes a built-in night light and features a patented digital pulse technology. For household/residential use only. 110V outlets only.

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