Riddex Plus

Wow, this is a very nice Riddex Plus (by TVProducts4Less.com): Elemental sulfur. this is like the old timey product that my mother used for us when we were sick. I bought it for use on acne breakout due to menopausal changes. it works well. Riddex Plus. I have these plugged in but not really sure they work,

Lentek Digital Pest Control II

Believe me, you sould happy with this Lentek Digital pest control II (by Lentek) : Crap. that’s all there is to say about the product… it’s crap. The one to get. this was the best of the bunch, and I tried many. next year I’ll get another one or two No mice in sight. Knock on wood!. I have

Lentek Oest Control Ultrasonic 500: 3-Pack

This is must have Lentek Oest Control Ultrasonic 500: 3-Pack (by Lentek) : Unfortunately, this product does not work. My old, very effective, totally quiet ultrasonic mouse repeller started making odd raspy sounds, and then threatened to burst into flames. So I was hoping to find a replacement. These aren’t it! The little devices make a noise

Boric Acid Insecticidal Dust

This is must have Boric Acid Insecticidal Dust (by 67TON JT & CO) : Dont know yet. i just got it today and put some in some areas in the kitchen where its not close to food.im freaking out a bit that the roaches dont spred this on the dishees or silverware so that we get inffected.im