Lentek Oest Control Ultrasonic 500: 3-Pack

Lentek Oest Control Ultrasonic 500: 3-Pack

This is must have Lentek Oest Control Ultrasonic 500: 3-Pack (by Lentek) :

Unfortunately, this product does not work. My old, very effective, totally quiet ultrasonic mouse repeller started making odd raspy sounds, and then threatened to burst into flames. So I was hoping to find a replacement. These aren’t it! The little devices make a noise that is semi-annoying to humans, but apparently not offensive in the least to mice. I saw one mouse saunter 10 feet across my kitchen counter, from one Ultrasonic 500 to the next, without any sign of being repelled, distressed, or on the verge of a confession. And no mini-mouse-earplugs I could see. Bummer! Look elsewhere for your rodent-Metallica-psy-ops strategy. One last note: the seller was extremely good about refunding my money when I sent these back. So, kudos to them.

Built new home in the country. We moved from city to the country. Had a new home built, moved in. Well, has we moved in, so did the country animals. We then sealed all openings around the house, that were not sealed.(annoying), but, anyway,found Mice and Rats on Amazon, did not have much confidence, but worth the try. Well, to my surprise, they really worked! I hear a little clicking sound, but I have had them since summer, and no country animals in my house all winter. I will not go without these. they really do work. But, I still get spiders, and some bugs, not as many.

I have recommended them to others.. I have been using electronic pest repellents for a long time. I wish more people knew how well they work! I put one in each room (I used to have a lot of roaches, now I have none!) I have recommended them to others. Try them and you’ll see what I mean.


  • Economical single room protection offered by Ultrasonic pest control 500
  • Direct plug-in for Ultrasonic 500 pest control
  • Single speaker design used in Ultrasonic pest control 500
  • LED power indicator in Ultrasonic pest control 500
  • Effective Temporary relief from pests, rats, and mice with the use of Ultrasonic pest control 500

Simply plug the LentekĀ® Ultrasonic pest control 500 device into an unobstructed wall outlet in the room to be covered by ultra-sonic sound power. Coverage in a room can be improved by bouncing the sound off reflecting objects such as walls, mirrors, cupboard doors, appliances, etc.

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