Lentek Digital Pest Control II

Lentek Digital Pest Control II

Believe me, you sould happy with this Lentek Digital pest control II (by Lentek) :

Crap. that’s all there is to say about the product… it’s crap.

The one to get. this was the best of the bunch, and I tried many. next year I’ll get another one or two

No mice in sight. Knock on wood!. I have not heard one mouse since installing this product. I have a 2400sq ft house which is 3 levels staggered like stairs built into a hill. I live in farm country so we have lots of mice running around all the time. I even get them in the car, which by the way I have been looking for this product for a vehicle. Anyways, I bought 2 of these & 6-8 of the small ones & put one in each room of my house. Yes it was a little pricey but no price is to high to pay to not hear the scratches in the middle of the night. One downfall is you shouldn’t block it with anything, meaning furniture, toys, anything metal, also cloth absorbs the signals. GREAT PURCHASE!

Useless product. Although the product had a QA tag, it was never really tested properly. I plugged it in to the outlet and nothing happened.
I had to pay for shipping expenses and was not offered refund for that expense, time wasted etc.

Works for me. I bought this item last summer to get rid of mice. I haven’t seen a mouse since I plugged it in. The additional benefit is not one cricket in the house and I rarely see a spider. I have read the other reviews and I am perplexed at the negative results submitted. I am very pleased with this product and I do recommend it.


  • Direct plug-in
  • Electromagnetic technology
  • TWIN speaker design with “”Sweep Sound”” Advanced Digital Ultrasonic
  • LED power indicators
  • Ultrasonic On/Off switch

Detailed Product Description

The LentekĀ® Digital pest control II uses a technology called “phase-shift-current.” By shifting the electromagnetic field throughout your home’s existing electrical wiring, it affects the central nervous systBird-X TX-PRO Transonic Pro Electronic Pest Repellerem of most household pests, driving them from their nests in the walls, ceilings, and floors where the majority of pest problems exist. This feature works throughout the wiring of the house and will cover a home up to 2500 sq ft.

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