ET Pest Control Special Buy 3 get 1 FREE! 1 in the Quantity Box = 4 ETs

ET Pest Control Special Buy 3 get 1 FREE! 1 in the Quantity Box = 4 ETs

The ET pest control WORKS GREAT! Hi all
I have to say thanks to D&R; Technologies LLC and their great product ET pest control. My husband and I are snow birds and we go to Yuma, AZ for the winter. We live in a 5th wheel that had been taken over by ants. The type of ants that create a trail up and down the countertops. Well, I purchased 2 of the ET pest controls from their lovely website. We absolutely have no more ants!!
Thanks so much

It works!. We have a large shed where we keep lawnmowers and a motorcycle. It was infested with squirrels that were chewing up paper and cardboard, and using it for nesting. I was worried the squirrels would start in on the seats on the motorcycle and the lawnmowers and tractors next.
I read the reviews for this product and bought one. It arrived promptly and I plugged it in and adjusted the settings as the manual described. After a day or two the squirrels left, never to return.
It’s been running 24-7-365 for about two years now, and the squirrels have never been back. A friend of mine told me he’s got some squirrels chewing their way through the eaves of his house. I am recommending that he buy one of these products and install it up in his attack.

It’s a good product. It works as advertised. Get one. You won’t be disappointed.

ET pest control. I was a little doubtful when I orginaly share the ET pest control device. I have had scorpions, roaches and other bugs I’m not sure what they really are in my home. With pets, I was always concerned about them getting hurt because of the scorpions. I have tried just about everything to get rid of these creepy crawlers, so figured why not try this too. Well it has been about three weeks now and since I have plugged in the ET pest control I haven’t seen a single scorpion or roach. I have seen a few spiders making a run for a opening to get out of the house, so I know it is working. ET pest control Special Buy 3 get 1 FREE! Total “4” High End Powerful Pest Repeller.

Features :

  • Direct Pest Targeting High Range Insects/Bats and Low Range Rodents.
  • Switch up the Ultrasonic Sounds with the click of a switch.
  • Fixed Pitch = Two High Impact Holding Tones out of each speaker Tageting either High or Low Range.
  • Variable Pitch = High Impact Siren effect cover all Ranges High and Low. “Repelling All”
  • High Impact Electromagnetic for Deep Inner Wall Repelling. No Adjustment as it starts the minute you plug-in.

Detailed Product Description

Hi there my name is Robert Bruce with D&R; Technologies LLC. Let me try to explain why the ET pest control is so beneficial. – If you bought a common pest repeller and plugged it in and your repelling results were not working, well there’s not much you can do but return the pest repeller or hope that the results will happen. – Another example is your pest problem gets repelled but after 3 months the same pest come back. * With the ET pest control you can switch up the High Impact Ultrasonic sounds. By changing this feature you create different repelling chaotic surroundings toward your pest problem which in return creates results. Why settle and hope it works when the ET pest control gives you the Options of Direct Targeting and Sound Confusion. Targeting pests is as easy as a switch up or down. Setting to target:…..HIGH RANGE = INSECTS and BATS – Setting to target:……LOW RANGE = RODENTS NOW SOUND CONFUSION:……Fixed = 2 Holding tones in either High or Low – SOUND CONFUSION:……Variable = Squalling Siren Affect “Covering all Pests